Elegant events that invite connection, luxury, and creativity—for people who love culture, art, and the back-stage experience.


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Delightful Food

Beautiful Music

A Space to Connect


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Memorable events draw you in, immerse you in a new world, and awaken your soul. We partner with talented artists, chefs, and musicians to bring you an extraordinary moment in time.

At Eventual, we focus on the perfect union of elements: music to set the rhythm, exquisite food to provide harmony, and the gathering of interesting people to invoke a unique melody. All of this comes together in a stunning atmosphere.

Just as music has an entrancing flow and tempo, we transform events into intimate, luxurious environments where attendees can meet new people and indulge the senses.


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Check back here frequently for more details about our 2017 program of events. We're always open to collaborate with artists, musicians, and chefs who seek to share their passion with the world.






With over 25 years in the fashion and interior design world, Georgeanna has developed an astute sense for how art, atmosphere, and texture optimally merge. Her strong attention to detail and a long-time love and appreciation for music make Eventual events beautiful, seamless experiences.



Nick has always been fascinated by the brilliance that happens when people work together. As a musician Nick has toured internationally in renowned bands with top industry elites. Eventual is his next adventure in the creative world, combining his love of cultivating talent, entrepreneurship, and celebrating art.